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Description of GetBlue Bluetooth Reader, Demo

GetBlue provides automated data acquisition and manual device communication for Bluetooth SPP devices, serial USB devices, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera barcode-scanners.

OVERVIEW: GetBlue collects data from Bluetooth SPP, serial USB, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera scanners automatically in the background. The captured data is forwarded to adjustable target devices, files, online spreadsheets or even injected into 3rd party applications. Bi-directional device communication is supported, manual communication functions for reading and writing data are available as well.

DETAILS: The data acquisition app GetBlue can be operated like a cross-switch: it captures data from an adjustable data source and forwards it to any supported target. The following devices and protocols are currently available:

• Bluetooth SPP and Bluetooth RFCOMM

All serial Bluetooth devices supporting the Serial Port Profile (like SPP or RFCOMM barcode scanners) can be used. GetBlue supports Bluetooth client and Bluetooth server mode, thus device as well as PC connections are possible.

• Serial USB

May not work on some Androids. FTDI and Prolific chipsets are supported.

• TCP/IP Socket

Any device providing a raw TCP/IP socket.


HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests with adjustable parameters.

• Camera scanners

Any external camera scanner app can be used.

• Manual data input

Device commands can be entered manually

Captured data can be forwarded via Bluetooth, USB, TCP/IP and HTTP to any target device. In addition the collected data can be

• displayed (HEX or ASCII)

• stored locally in a file (including time-stamps)

• uploaded to a Google Docs Spreadsheet

• or injected into arbitrary apps on the smartphone via the GetBlue soft-keyboard (keyboard wedge operation).

APPLICATION SCENARIOS: GetBlue is used as keyboard wedge (scanning barcodes with a Bluetooth scanner and injecting the bar code data into arbitrary apps), as automated data logger (e.g. uploading captured data to a Google Docs spreadsheet or storing it into a local file), for controlling Bluetooth devices, as low-cost barcode scanner connected to a PC, etc.

FREE SUPPORT: In case of problems, questions or feature requests please contact us via e-mail ( or Skype (TECITSupport).

KNOWN PROBLEMS: USB support may not work on your device. Some Android handsets are using buggy Bluetooth firmware and SPP communication may not work reliable (you will see SPP errors). The following procedure may help:

• Switch of Bluetooth and stop all related apps

• Reboot handset

• Switch Bluetooth on

• Re-pair with your device

• Use GetBlue

Many THANKS for your comments and ratings!

FULL VERSION: A paid version without demo-limitations is available in the Android Market. All features are identical. Just search for Apps published by TEC-IT.

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